Mergers & Acquisitions

If you are located in Ohio and if you would like to merge or sell your business for whatever
reason and it’s a good Cloud Services, VoIP, Internet and/or Managed IT
Business, then contact Digital Business Solutions (DBSX) for a confidential
discussion.  Use the confidential form below to start the process.
 We are looking for companies with annual revenues from $50,000 to
$750,000 per year in annual sales.   We are also looking for talented
and skilled people to join us as part of the merger & acquisition. 
Here’s the process.

Step 1.  Contact us for an initial general confidential discussion.
Step 2.  If the initial confidential discussion goes well, then sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us so we can gather more information.
Step 3.  If we would like to pursue further discussions, then we execute a Letter of Intent and do further research and negotiations.